Presenting on this page a Black Ark/Upsetters label discography, including all Black Ark related disco 45s. This page will compile all JAM pressings only which were recorded or mixed at Black Ark studio, so not only Lee Scratch Perry productions. The aim of this page is to present the different pressings and issues, there are so two pages to be seen. All records non mentionned are produced by Lee Perry.
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rare pressing with same matrix, but a Gussie export destinated copy


Max Romeo - Norman / Sexy Natty
Upsetters  lee perry 001





again a different copy, with the exported by Gussie mention on the label, issued in a generic full disco sleeve


The Heptones - Why Must I / I Shall be Released
The Heptones - Mr President / Crying Over You
Upsetters  lee perry 002




Junior Murvin - Bad Weed / Closer Together
Upsetters  lp bad weed
issued originally in a generic Upsetters sleeve with a center hole


The first disco 45, issued in a yellow disco sleeve


all pressings issued in a green disco bum sleeve
(read more about this sleeve on bottom of page)
there are 3 pressings for that disco 45, all on the same label. the first is mentionned above, the second has the same credit, but has a melodica version on B side by Augustus Pablo with the following matrix lee perry b chl with a 25 seconds Lee Perry toast at the end and the third (no matrix), close to the UK Black Swan issue has another strange black ark tune on B side with a phasing effects along the tune.
George Faith - To be a Lover / Upsetters -  Rastaman Shuffle
Black Art Disco Bum  TS 3919







Lee Perry & Full Experience - Disco Devil
Bob Marley & Wong Chu - Keep on Moving
Upsetter  lee perry 931 RRS  Disco Devil




first original issue with the very red label issued originally in the printed disco sleeve with the hole


Twin Roots - Know Love / Watty Burnett - Rainy Night in Portland
Black Art  lee perry 930 RRS  Disco Love

Disco Love issued in a green disco bum sleeve


Disco Word issued in a green disco bum sleeve



Sangie Davis & Lee Perry - Words /
Devon Irons & Alimantado - Vampire
Black Art  lee perry 2051/2052 Disco Word


Watty Burnett - Open the Gate / Rainy Night in Portland
Black Art Disco Bum  VP 3020



the left label is the first out in 1977, the right one, is a export issue, issued maybe the same year but pressed, distributed and exported until the early 80's over the world.


Lee Perry - City Too Hot / Bionic Rats
Upsetter  lee perry 2046 RRS
again two different issues, both out in 1977, one with textured red on white label and very thick wax, one with thin vinyl and smooth more pink than red label



Watty Burnett - Open the Gate / Rainy Night in Portland
Black Art  lee perry 2053 / lee perry 930 B RRS


The Tuff gong issue beside has appeared under many different pressings, with various matrix numbers. the first is the randys mentionned beside, the same year appeared a copy mastered at Dynamic DSR 2886. In the mid 80's again a copy out of Dynamic DSR 4774 and finally a latest issue with the mention Ziggys Records on the sleeve, with the matrix MML 1933 Spiderman (Marley Music Limited) from the late 80's.





Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party / Version
Tuff Gong lee perry 2060 RRS
originally issued in this famous disco sleeve


Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party / Version
Black Art Disco Bum LP 4050
this issue has a different mix than the tuff gong




Candy Mc Kenzie - Breakfast in Bed / Disco Fits
Black Art  LP 2200  Disco Fits
Disco Fits issued in a green disco bum sleeve
Junior Murvin - Roots Train / Memories
Upsetters LP 3836  Disco Roots
Disco Roots issued in a green disco bum sleeve
(with or without Made in JA mention)
Eric Donaldson & Keystones -
Cherry O Baby / Say a Little Prayer
Upsetter  lee peery 7010 RRS
issued in a green disco bum sleeve




The Congos - Nekodeemus / Solid Foundation
Upsetter  7011  Disco Cork
the left copy is definetly the first orig JA issue from 1977 with textured label and thick wax, while the right one is a later export issue with smooth paper and very thin winyl, it has been reissued and repressed in various forms until the late 80's






Disco Cork issued in a green disco bum sleeve
Raphael Green & Alimantado - Rasta Train /
Hugo Blackwood & Alimantado - Reggae Music
Upsetter  l peery 9001   Disco Jam
the two copies on the left are original first issues (which is the first?) while the light yellow on right is a later issue destinated mainly for US export. all isued in a green disco bum sleeve






Carlton Jackson - History /
Jr Delgado - Sons of Slave
Upsetter   lee perry 9002   Disco Cork
considered often as a JA export issue, this is actually a US issue, pressed and distributed by a Randys US under-label and distributor : Chappy. Issued in a Chappy disco sleeve.


Carlton Jackson - History /
Jr Delgado - Sons of Slave
Upsetter / Black Ark Disco  lee peery 9002
very hard to find Black Ark Disco issue, with the same matrix,
issued in a green disco bum sleeve







The Roots - Mash Down / Kingston Rock
Grass Roots DSR 4209/4210
side B has A dj version, pressed at Dynamic



The Roots - Mash Down / Solja Man Skank
Grass Roots VP 2062 produced by Sean de Laire
side B has the dub version, JA export pressing, distributed by VP and issued in that Randys sleeve





Michael Campbell - School Girl / Keith Texon (Rowe) - Living my Life
Black Art Disco Bum DSR 6621/6622
issued in a green disco bum sleeve


Tinga Stewart meet Brent Dowe - Blackman Time / You should never do that
Solid Rock VP 2016 / DSR 4219 Produced by Tinga Stewart
Blackman Time only is a Black Ark recording. The red on yellow label is the JA yard issue, while the black on yellow is a JA export pressing, different  matrix, both issued with the cover.


Heptones - Party Time / Come on into my World
Love VP music 6002 Party Time Disco





Lee Perry - Free up the Prisoners / Chase Them
Conquering Lion Of Judah DSR 6599 DT Disco Prison
three issues here with two different mixes, the two on the left are certainly the first, but have no visible matrix, the one on the right, has the following matrix : DSR 6599 DT ,  all pressings were issued in this picture sleeve. plays in 33 rpm







Same issue as Cav Lip beside, no specific cover



I Kong (Ricky Storme) - Zion's Pathway / Take a Hold (Break the Man's Hold)
Cav Lip DSR 5365 A DT / DSR 4837 B DT
Produced by I Kong & Geoffrey Chung
Only Take a Hold is Black Ark recording, but has not a Black Ark mix.
 issued in this beautiful Cav Lip picture sleeve with the lyrics.






Knowledge - Make Faith /
Tappa Zukie - Peace and Love
 Stars TZ 5006 / 5007 Produced by Tappa Zukie
Make Faith only is a Black Ark recording, different mix than the UK issue on New Star




Kiddus I - Security in the Streets / Too Fat
 Shepherd DSR 5363 / Kiddus I 2213 RRS Produced by Kiddus I, label shows two A sides.
I Threes - Many are Called / Music for the World
 Tuff Gong TG 85 Produced by Steve Golding
only Many are Called recorded and mixed at Black Ark. The 12 is credited to Steve Golding as producer, but only for the B side, many are called is actually produced by Bob Marley & Lee Perry




Advertising for the Kiddus I disco 45, issued in JA zine Jah Uglyman N1, october 1978 (the album mentionned has never been issued)




The Majesterians - So Many Times / Flute in Dub
 Revue DSR 8643/8644 Produced by Phil Matthias
Issued in this funky Revue disco sleeve
Black Africans - Come Along Jah Son /
Barry Brown - Release The Chains
 Tuff Rock DSR 9970 A/B DT A Pablo
Produced by R Walker, Arranged by Augustus Pablo
Only the Black Africans side is a Black Ark recording, but with wrong credit, the title actually is
Me Bredda you ago Feel it by Hands and Heart
Winston Watson & Dillinger - Dispensation /
Inamans - Rhythm Rock
 Orchid DSR 9077/ 9078
Produced by Pauline "Isha" Morrisson









Leroy Sibbles - Jah Far I on a Pinacle / Garden of Life
 Big Spanner DSR 9142/ 9143 Sonic Sounds Disco Ajax
two issues, one with the simple label, the other with year and production credits




Delroy Wilson - To be a Lover /
U Roy & Delroy Wilson - Never get Away
 Dee Jay  FRM 6830 / 6831
Produced by Ainsley Folder
Backed by the Upsetters, ridim originally ordered to Niney by Ainsley Folder in 1974, issued in a disco mix form in 1979, two labels, one with red lettering and one with black lettering



The green Upsetters Disco Bum Sleeve :
this famous disco sleeve has been originally issued in 1977. Most of the Discos out of the Ark were issued in that sleeve, with its famous advertising for Super Ape album. It appears under various forms, sometimes very thick, sometimes thin and with smooth paper, or with dark coloration or with clear coloration. However, we cannot
determine if one is earlier than another (probably the cleared colored, with thin and smooth paper were destinated to US export issues...) But what is sure, is that this sleeve regarding its color (green) and its design makes think of an amercian dollar banknote (also the US letters) and the two medaillons in which the two letters appear. Don't forget Lee Perry had a serious dollar phobia (or fascination?) often with a couple of dollars in his hat or dedicating and autographing dollars.





Please Note : Silent Satta by Augustus Pablo and Let's Get Together by Tetrack on Rockers Disco 45 are mixed at Black Ark studio, for more details, see our Pablo Rockers 12" Discography




A very special and large big up to Cyrille, number one specialist over the world for Black Ark and Lee Perry related Disco 45's, for providing labels, covers, matrix numbers and several details and without whom this page would not have been what it looks like. Thanks goes also to Alex and to Pisces, our french arkologist, and to Matt for appreciable help.