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SINGLES : Black Ark Curiosities



 -N° 1-  

Max Romeo One Step Forward / Version

Black Art  (LP 8122)   JAM    1976   EX-

Produced by Lee Perry,

one of the best tune from the Ark,

i can't remember Max Romeo has done anything better !!

Impossible to find alternative issue on Black Art label...scarce and great...

starting price 25 euros



 -N° 2-  

Twin Roots – Know Love / Version

Congo  (DSR 4687)   JAM    1977   EX/EX-

Produced by K&K Thompson & Lee Perry,

great Black Ark recording and mix,

fine vocal by the Thompson Brothers....

Rarely seen with this label design...

starting price 25 euros



 -N° 3-  

Sons Of Light Land Of Love / Version

Black Art  (DSR 5994/5995)   JAM    1977   EX-

Produced by Lee Perry,

miscredited of course, but NEVER seen land of love on another label than Upsetter...

Very scarce perry stuff here, one of my rarest Black Ark curiosity...

starting price 25 euros



 -N° 4-  

Leroy Wallace – Herb Vendor / Delroy Butler – Give Thanks

Blank Justice League  (LP 3645/3646 RRS)   JAM    1974   VG+ to EX-

Produced by Lee Perry,

two great sides over the same ridim,

Horsemouth and Delroy Denton (as Butler here),

one of the singers of Silvertones,

rare Blank pre print...

starting price 25 euros





 -N° 5-  

Watty Burnett Open The Gate + Extended Play / Lee Perry –  Lion A De Winner + Extended Play

Orchid Records  (ORC 101)   USA  1979    EX+ 

Produced by Lee Perry & Isha Morrisson,

 fantastic double sider containing two Black Ark gems,

open the gate, also issued in JA as a 12" and

Lee Perry's crazy cover over Words ridim,

never released anywhere else as on this 12"...

starting price 25 euros




 -N° 6-  

Augustus Pablo - African Must Be Free By 1983 Dub Rockers International (DSR 8210 DT)

JAM  1979  cov : EX- / rec : EX

Produced by Horace Swaby,

one of the best dub albums ever...

mainly recorded at Black Ark, and mixed at King Tubby's by Prince Jammy,

dub parts to Hugh Mundell's first album,

original issue in great shape...

listen here   play the album

starting price 25 euros


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