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Closing Date will be Tuesday 1st December 2020 at 20h00 GMT.

We apply the 10% rule which allows you to win a record under the maximum offer :

if you are making a 150 euros offer on a record and that the offer below yours is of 100 euros, you will win the record for 100 euros + 10 % (10 euros),

so 110 euros instead of 150 euros, your maximum offer…. In case of two equal bids, the earliest offer sent will win the record…

24 hours before closing date, we will show on the auction page the current leading bids for each record (and not the highest offers) …

Send your offers by email. This is a serious auction, bid with confidence.   







 -N° 1-  

Tommy McCook & His Group   Jam Rock / Lee Perry  Bad Minded People

Port-O-Jam  (PJ 4003)  UK   1964  EX-   

Produced by Coxsone Dodd, 

fantastic double sider !!

Jam Rock is a brilliant instrumental,

and Bad Minded People featuring a young Lee Perry in his early days...

Original UK issue, in great shape...

current leading price 110 euros (3 bids)



 -N° 2-  

Prince Buster All Stars   City Riot / Prince Buster  Roof Over My Head

Wildbells Blank  (FB 2921/ 2977)  JAM   1964   VG+   

Produced by Prince Buster, 

monster ska instrumental with great horns solos,

very rare original JA pressing, very dynamic and powerful sound quality...

current leading price 110 euros (4 bids)



 -N° 3-  

Peter Tosh & Wailers  Stepping Razor / Peter Tosh  Dog Teeth

Intel-Diplo  (WIRL BM 3707 / PPTD 2135 RRS)   JAM  1973  VG.VG+   

Produced by Wailers / Peter Tosh, 

superb early version of Stepping Razor...

Big Rocksteady backing by Lyn Taitt all stars recorded in 1968 at WIRL studio, by Carlton Lee...

 Perfect harmonies by The Wailers, and great saxophone solo by Dennis Campbell...

Initially issued on a blank pressing, rare as hell, issued later on Tosh's Intel Diplo label...

current leading price 100 euros (2 bids)


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