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Closing Date will be Thursday 14th November 2019 at 20h00 GMT.

We apply the 10% rule which allows you to win a record under the maximum offer :

if you are making a 150 euros offer on a record and that the offer below yours is of 100 euros, you will win the record for 100 euros + 10 % (10 euros),

so 110 euros instead of 150 euros, your maximum offer…. In case of two equal bids, the earliest offer sent will win the record…

24 hours before closing date, we will show on the auction page the current leading bids for each record (and not the highest offers) …

Send your offers by email. This is a serious auction, bid with confidence.   







 -N° 1-  

Black Note – African Style / Version

Hills  (DSR 5573)   JAM    1974   EX

Produced by C. Philips & Lee Perry,

Black Ark killer, beautiful original issue,

no marking on label, shiny wax...

current leading price 165 euros (4 bids)



 -N° 2-  

Leroy Wallace – Herb Vendor / Delroy Butler – Give Thanks

Justice League  (LP 3645/3646 RRS)   JAM    1974   EX / EX-

Produced by Lee Perry,

two great sides over the same ridim,

Horsemouth and Delroy Denton (as Butler here),

one of the singers of Silvertones... Very clean copy...

current leading price 77 euros (3 bids)





 -N° 2-  

Junior Delgado – Sons Of Slaves + Extended Play /

Carlton Jackson – History + Extended Play

Upsetter (lee perry 9002)   USA    1977    EX

Produced by Lee Perry,

Legendary Black Ark 12" also known as Disco Cork,

wrongly credited as made in JA, this is an US export print from 77.

Superb sound quality, two brilliant sides from the Ark.

perfect copy...

starting price 25 euros (no offers yet)


 -N° 2-  

Winston Fergus Pay To Live  / Earth In Dub + Extended Play

Burning Rockers  (BRD 037)   UK    1982    EX

Produced by Winston Fergus,

Militant Shaka tune recorded and mixed in the UK,

with long extended play and hardcore mix on B side,

build to mash up every dance floor on this planet...  and on others :))

Original UK print with company sleeve...

current leading price 99 euros (4 bids)




 -N° 4-  

Prince Jazzbo - Natty Passing Thru' - Black Wax  (WAXLP 1)

UK  1976   cov : VG+ / rec : EX- to EX

Produced by Lee Perry,

original UK first issue with beautiful art work on sleeve... Never issued in JA,

A Black Ark legend, Jazzbo riding over the biggest ridims from the Ark...

listen here   play the album

current leading price 55 euros (2 bids)


 -N° 4-  

Words In Dub - Jah Marcus  (WM 007)

USA  1979 cov : EX- / rec : EX

Produced by Phillip Fullwood & Winston McKenzie,

super hard to find original issue on Jah Marcus label,

with thick card US sleeve... Scarce and deep roots album,

super clean copy, except a slight scratch on sleeve.

listen here   play the album

current leading price 132 euros (5 bids)


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