THIRD WORLD  [TWS 929]  UK 1978
DOUBLE-D  [DDDLP 444]  USA 1977
DOUBLE-D  [DDLP 001]  USA 1976
MAKOSSA  [M-2365 A / B]  USA 1981
WILDFLOWER  [FRM 376 A / B  P.G.M] JAM 1977
THIRD ALBUM : GUIDANCE - Produced by The Meditations and Tad Dawkins
Recorded at Channel One, Harry J and Treasure Isle Studios
SECOND ALBUM : WAKE UP - Produced by Dobby Dobson
Recorded at Harry J Studios
Recorded at Federal, Channel One and Black Ark Studios
Here is an album discography by The Meditations, containing their three first albums, between 1976 and 1979. As usual, different pressings (Jam, UK, US), different covers and matrix numbers... if you have any additional informations, feel free to email us...
Side A :
1 -Running from Jamaica
2 -Babylon trap them
3 -Changing of the times
4 -Tricked
5 -Do mama do
Side B :
1 -There must be a first time
2 -Woman is like a shadow
3 -Woman piabba
4 -Rome (longest liver)
5 -Rastaman prayer

United Artists

Note : there are two others pressings issued in the USA, one from 1978 on United Artists "anthology series" [ UNITED ARTISTS  30178 / UA-LA .802] and one on Liberty [LP -LT2-51164] from 1985... It might be also another Jamaican issue on Dobby Dobson's Sound Proof label [SP 001 ??], which could have been released in 1978 or 1979, but this is not confirmed..








































TADS [TRD LP 101579]  USA 1979
Side A :
1 -Wake up
2 -A wey me do ?
3 -Turn me loose
4 -Nyah man story
5 -Being a dread is a crime
Side B :
1 -Fly Natty Dread
2 -Traitor
3 -Stonning me away
4 -Get Left
5 -Another Plight
MAKOSSA  [M-2344 A / B]  USA 1980
SOUND PROOF  [SP 002]  JAM 1978
note : two different issues on the Sound Proof label : one from 1978 [DSR 4818/4819 DT] and one from 1979 [DSR 9807/9808 DT]

























Side A :
1 -Something looking good
2 -Play I
3 -Senorita
4 -Marriage
5 -Life is not easy
Side B:
1 -War mongers
2 -Hard life
3 -Meracile (miracle)
4 -Jungle feeling
Special thanks to Olivier A, Laurent P, Mark B. and Alex for helpful informations ...
GORGON [DSR 9812/9813 DT]  JAM 1979
Jamaican issue on the Gorgon label, same year, same cover