Presenting our latest discography with Pablo Moses first album called Revolutionary Dream. Fantastic roots album produced by Now Generation leader Geoffrey Chung for Sound Tracs Productions, recorded in 1975 at Joe Gibbs Studio by Errol Thompson and mixed at Randy's Studio by Karl Pitterson, except "I Man a Grasshopper", his first single released, recorded and mixed at Black Ark Studio by Lee Perry. Please note this discography will not feature the latest reissues, or CD issues, only all pressings before 1980.

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This blank release (the first issue) is a promotional test pressing, manufactured in Jamaica for a few copies at  Tape Specialist Limited (TSL) by engineer Carlton Lee : TSL was a mastering point on Torrington Road and a distribution point at the same adress, known under Record Specialist Limited (remember the silver stickers on some covers?), which was owned by a man called George Benson.
The matrix number is a stamped one (mostly like UK stampers).
It comes in the original JA Jigsaw brown cover which was the official first cover.







BLANK [TSL 100 or TSL 101] 1975  JAM











These are the second issues, out in 1975, and if you compare carefully both vinyls, they have the same wax and have been pressed in the same record plant. Logically, the Jigsaw record should appear in a Jigsaw brown cover, as everything was ready to be issued (test pressings for promotional use, covers manufacturated, etc...) but Pat Cooper's production company "Sound Tracs" collapsed by the same year certainly for political reasons  as his company was close to Michael Manley's party and something went wrong with the distribution of the record. The Jigsaw red label or early Jam Sounds come always in a US Jamsound cover, monochromic lithography of the Jigsaw JA brown cover.

The members of Sound Tracs were in search of pressing the record but as ST was no longer working they pressed the record through Jam Sounds, actually ST's Miami subsidiary. If you look carefully at the record and the stamper mark (matrix details) you will see that it looks closer to a US manufactured record, than a JA one. The stamper is probably a US made one (or a jamaican stamper made in the west indies before the bankruptcy of the company?). Anyway the records are pressed in the USA and are sold in Jam Sounds sleeves from the United States.



Original UK issue on Tropical Sound Tracs label, using the same picture with the glasses and the cap. This label which is the fusion of three UK labels : "Tropical Records" an older label born in the early 70's , "Sound Tracs" and "Second Tracs", two mid 70's labels related to Geoffrey Chung and the jamaican Sound Tracs production company.

All album issues from this label are only Tape Specialist Ltd masterings (The catalog numbers TSL refers to the mastering point)













After the fall of Sound Tracs, Geoffrey Chung approched the Talent Corporation label "Penetrate" to continue producing. This JA issue even if using the same photography  and liner notes has a new lettering, a promotional medaillon on the cover (see beside) and especially a bonus track "we should be in angola" co-produced by Clive Hunt.











Later US issue, pressed from the same stamper as the earlier Jigsaw one... same matrix number and again same wax. Also a monochromic lithography (sometimes black, sometimes brown) of jigsaw cover.
















Klik, a London based company created in 1975 (which name and logo is inspired by the american soul music company "Stax"), get a licence from Sound Tracs productions for releasing their albums and singles catalog. New picture used, but the design is still inspired by Evol Grahams design for Jigsaw (sunglasses and a cap)









KLIK [KLP 9026]  1977 UK












Promotional poster from Soundtracks productions for the issue of the album.
This poster was on the wall at Sonic Sounds Studios and has been given to Olivier Albot in 1983 by Enos Mc Leod.


As for the Abyssinians album "Sattamasagana/Forward on to Zion" (see Graal Records discography of december 2005) Different has also issued the album with the same licence bought to Sound Tracs as Klik one year before. Brillant textured sleeve.

Recorded in 1975 at Errol T Recording Studio
by Errol Thompson & Pat Kelly.
Remixed at Randys by Karl Pitterson.
except I Man a Grass Hopper, recorded & mixed
at Black Ark Studio by Lee Perry.
Mastered at Tape Specialist Limited by Carlton Lee.
Michael Richards & Leroy Horsemouth Wallace : Drums
Phil Callendar & Michael Murray & Michael Chung : Guitar
Geoffrey Chung & Junior Dan : Bass, Organ
Clive Hunt : Bass, Organ, Piano
Robert Lyn : Organ, Piano, Clavinet, ARP Sythesizer
Tommy Mc Cook : Tenor Sax & Flute
Dirty Harry : Tenor Sax, Vin Gordon : Trombone
Frank Aird : Trumpet, Bongo Herman : Percussions
Don Prendes & Val Bailey : Harmony Vocals
















I Love I Bring - 1978 USA
US early reissue under the title : "I Love I Bring", in the serie : Anthology of Reggae, Collectors Series Vol. 1




Various JA singles on Jigsaw & Penetrate label taken from the album.

Here only the JA pressings, and not the UK issues on Treble, Tropical Sound Tracs or E-E Saw, or the US and Canadian issues on Roots or Surface.









I Love I Bring - 1985 USA
LIBERTY [LT 51160]


Give I Fi I Name 1976
prod. by Geoffrey Chung
(matrix : PN 1002)


We Should be in Angola 1976
prod. by G.Chung & C.Hunt
(matrix : TC 3030)


I Man a Grass Hopper 1975
Prod by Geoffrey Chung
(matrix : ST-2040)



Many thanks to Gui. for hours of discussions and research, as well to Olivier A. and Alex