Here we are back with a label discography. This time presenting Augustus Pablo's Rockers and Rockers International disco 45's labels. This page do not include the other Pablo or Everton Da Silva labels like Yard or Hungry Town.
All records produced by Horace Swaby, except special mention.




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Late US pressings
Note : these are the latest Rockers disco 45, issued in the USA and distributed in 1985 by Esthetics Ent. Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, except the last one RI-006 from 1986 distributed by Son-Jah-Ta Ltd. in Philadelphia.
UK pressings 1979
From 1979, most discos were pressed in the UK, and distributed vie Craven park Road in London. New catalog numbers, first AB and then APD (Augustus Pablo Disco)
US pressings 1978
Early US issues with the Corona Records distribution adress in the Queens, NY, and their original company sleeves.
JAM pressings
                         Augustus Pablo    East Man Sound DSR 7068 A DT
                        Augustus Pablo    Full Up                DSR 7069 B DT
Jacob Miller    Each one teach one    HS 0278 A (on matrix) / HS 0278 A (on label)
Tetrack            Let's Get Together       HS 0278 B (on matrix) / HS 0278 B (on label)
Augustus Pablo Crucial Burial             AB 2 A
Augustus Pablo Sound of Redemption AB 2 AA
Norris Reid Entrance to Jah World APD 6A
Augustus Pablo Twin Seal APD 6B
Delroy Williams Fox Hole                        PRL-7-A
Delroy Williams I am Leaving this Town  PRL-7-B
Norris Reid Roots & Wine                                         RI-003-A  1985
Norris Reid  (Tra-La-La) I love you (My love is true)  RI-003-B  1985
Barry "Niceous" Reid Reggae Gone International RI-002-A 1985
Barry "Niceous" Reid Niceous Rule                       RI-002-B 1985
Norris Reid Rise in the Strengh of Jah XML-991-A
Augustus Pablo Minstrel Chant            XML-991-B
     prod by M.Lynch & Horace Swaby      1981
Tetrack We no Rap Up     RI-006-A  1986
Augustus Pablo Suki Yaki RI-006-B 1986
Augustus Pablo Don D Special        RI-005-A 1985
Augustus Pablo Pablo in the dance RI-005-B 1985
Tetrack Understand me now Man RI-001-A  1985
Tetrack Pure Worries                    RI-001-B   1985
Bunny Brissett One Day                 DSR (,,,) 3258 A   1985          
Blacka T Reggae music can't stop DSR (,,,) 3259 B   1985
Ja issue but is certainly the missing reference : RI-004
Norris Reid Rise in the Strengh of Jah XML-991-A
Augustus Pablo Minstrel Chant            XML-991-B
     prod by M.Lynch & Horace Swaby      1981
Augustus Pablo Hot Milk             APD 7 A
Augustus Pablo Robin Bay Step APD 7 B
Norris Reid Feel Good                                  APD 8 A
Rockers All Stars Pablo Meets Roots Radcis APD 8 B
Augustus Pablo Power of the Trinity Dub APD 5 A
Augustus Pablo West Abyssinia Dub APD 5 B
Tetrack Love & Unity APD 2 A
Junior Dan & Jah Light Jah Foundation APD 2 B
Delroy Williams Think Twice   APD 1 A
Delroy Williams Babylon Boy  APD 1 B
Augustus Pablo Israel in Harmony AB 1 A
Hugh Mundell Feeling Alright         AB 1 AA
Sister Erica One in the Spirit      HS-0178 A
Rockers All Stars Islington Rock  HS-0178 B
Augustus Pablo & Jah Malla House of Dub RC 0010 78 A
Hugh Mundell Book of Life                         RC 0011 78 B
                  prod by Horace Swaby & B.Whitely
Hugh Mundell That (Little) Short Man   DSR 7752 B DT
Hugh Mundell False Rumour                 DSR 7652 A DT
Augustus Pablo Crucial Burial               AP 1023 A
Augustus Pablo Sound of Redemption  AP 1023 B
Junior Delgado & Jah Levi Away with your Fussing & Fighting DSR 7591 A DT
Augustus Pablo                   King David's Melody                      DSR 7592 B DT
Jacob Miller    Each one teach one    AP 214 A RRS
Tetrack            Let's Get Together       AP 214 B RRS
                            Horace Andy         Problems                   ED 350 A  
                            Rockers All Stars  Only Jah Can Solve it ED 350 B
                                                 prod by Everton Da Silva  
Augustus Pablo & Jah Butty     Silent Satta     PR 175 A
Jacob Miller    Too Much Commercialization  PR 157 B
This is the first Rockers disco 45 out in 1977. Has been issued on several different pressings and label designs, but always with the same matrix number. Even if they have all the same matrix number and so pressed in JA, some copies are destinated to the export (third and fourth label)














































Note : if you look carefully at the catalog numbers, you will see that two references are missing : APD 3 and APD 4. These numbers does probably exist, but we do not have infos about them.









All issues made in JA in 1979 and produced by Horace Swaby, except special mention.











US company sleeves
Jam company sleeves
Disco  Sleeves







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Paul Blackman Earth Wind & Fire   DSR 8374 A DT
Augustus Pablo Ras Menilik Congo DSR 8375 B DT
 Delroy Williams  All the Time               DSR 1780 A DT
Jah Bull  We now where we are going  DSR 1781 B DT
        A side prod by S.Green          1980
Tetrack              Love & Unity         DSR 8772 A DT
Augustus Pablo Pablo in fine style DSR 8773 B DT
Heptones Love won't come easy DSR 8223 A DT
Jacob Miller Keep on Knocking  DSR 8224 B DT
Delroy Williams Babylon Boy  DSR 8808 A DT
Delroy Williams Think Twice   DSR 8809 B DT
Hugh Mundell Blackman's Foundation DSR 8335 A DT
Hugh Mundell Stop them Jah               DSR 8336 A DT
        prod by Horace Swaby & Hugh Mundell