Kwame HeshimuIt’s All Right + Extended Play / NirobiDayenu

Chant I (CMI D 001) USA 1979 EX- price : 25 euros SOLD OUT

Produced by Kwame Heshimu,

deep roots music by this true conscious artist, who recorded only a handful of titles in the 70’s...

New in !!

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Various ArtistsHits Of The Past Vol.1VP (VP 700 RRS)

JAM 1977 cov : VG+ rec : VG+ to EX- price : 35 euros

Produced by Clive Chin,

only killers here from Randy’s, what a great compilation!!!

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Gregory Isaacs - Showcase Taxi (TAXI LP 1001)

JAM 1980 cov : VG+ rec : VG+ to EX- price : 30 euros

Produced by Sly & Robbie,

big roots showacse album, heavy ridims with their extended dub parts,

that reprise of Wailers' slave driver is wild !!

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Peter Broggs - Rastafari Liveth! RAS (RAS 3001)

USA 1982 cov : EX / rec : EX- (see description) price : 30 euros

Produced by Doctor Dread,

super killer early 80's album, monster ridims led by Radics,

and mixed by Scientist... though, there is a slight hole in the wax on title

A4 - pick up the reggae, and the needle skips on a few rounds…

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Toots & Maytals - Roots Reggae - Dynamic (DSR 1710 KM)

JAM 1974 cov : EX- / rec : EX price : 32 euros

Produced by Lee, Hinds & Lynn,

rare original JA issue with thick card board sleeve…

similar album to in the dark on dragon...

listen here play the album

Poet & The Roots (LKJ) - Dread Beat An' Blood – Front Line (FL 1017)

UK 1978 cov : VG+ / rec : EX- price : 15 euros

Produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson,

original issue, great dub poet album by Linton Kwesi Johnson...

backed by Top musicians, like Vivian Weaters, Floyd Lawson, Jah Bunny,

and mixed by Dennis Bovell...

listen here play the album

Leroy Smart - Live Up Roots Children Striker Lee (BLP6)  

UK  1986   cov : VG+ / rec : EX-    price : 7 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee,

early digi album recorded and mixed in the UK,

with interesting reprise of here i come...

listen here   play the album


Gregory Isaacs & TrinityMy Number One + Extended Play/ Version

GGs (GG 037) UK 1979 EX- / VG+ to EX- price : 6 euros

Produced by Alvin Ranglin,

mega classic hit...

InvestigatorsIRS + Extended Play / Turn Out The Light + Extended Play

Inner City (IC 103) UK 1978 EX- price : 30 euros

Produced by Weld Production,

obscure and killer melodica/instrumental version of standing firm ridim with deep deep bassline…

the B side is sweeter, but the bass and melodica are still there...

Tyrone TaylorCottage In Negril + Extended Play / Don’t Destroy Me

Iyah Binghi Records (ND 001) UK 1981 EX- price : 6 euros

Produced by Tyrone Taylor,

using same melody as wild world...

Wayne Wade – I Kissed A Rose + Extended Play

Wayne Wade & Prince Pompadoo – Happy Go Lucky Girl + Extended Play

Grove Music (GMDM 2)  UK  1978    EX-    price : 6 euros

Produced by Vivian Jackson,

classic Yabby You production...

Third WorldNow That We Found Love + Extended Play / Cold Sweat

Island (ISD 8662) UK 1978 EX- price : 3 euros

Produced by Alex Sadkin,

Original issue with original sleeve...

Black HarmonyTight Rope / Version

Deb Music (DEB 040) UK 1981 EX- price : 12 euros

Produced by Casto Brown,

wild lover's rock, especially that B side with the horns...

Little John & El Fego Backa – Say What You're Saying + Extended Play / Dedicated To You

Silver Camel  (SCO 21)   JAM  1983    VG+    price : 6 euros

Produced by Jah Thomas,

studio one ridim reprise with unknown DJ on B side...

Donna Rhoden – Be Kind To My Man / Version

Santic Records  (ACD007)   UK   1981    EX-    price : 8 euros

Produced by Leonard Chin,

famous UK lovers rock from Santic...

The Sensations – It's Hard Not To Like You + Extended Play / Instrumental

Neville King (NKD 2) UK 1980 VG+ price : 5 euros

Produced by Neville King,

UK lover's rock...

Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream / Version

Dynamic (DYN 12 10)  UK  1982    EX-    price : 5 euros

Produced by Franklyn Waul,

mixed by Geoffrey Chung, big horns section featuring Dean Frazer...

Ebony Sisters – I Must Be Dreaming + Extended Play / Claudette Miller – Tonight Is The Night + Extended Play

Jama (JADC 0010)  UK   1982    EX-    price : 5 euros

Produced by BB Seaton,

female lover's rock, B side recorded at Treasure Isle...