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Dennis Alcapone   Rasta Dub / Upsetters - Rasta Version  

Upsetter  (SCR 18)  JAM   1973    

VG+    price :  15 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

DJ lick over Keep on Moving...

New in !!  

Junior Byles   Long Way / Upsetters - Longer Way

Orchid  (LP 5087)  JAM   1974    

VG+ /VG    price :  15 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

deep and classic black ark....

Junior Byles & Lee Perry   Dreader Locks / Upsetters - Militant Rock

Orchid  (LP 5036)  JAM   1974    

VG+    price :  10 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

alternative cut to Curly Locks

                Lately Added : Various Roots...   Next Updates : Dennis Brown Special...

Doctor Alimantado   Sitting In The Park / Version  

Adastra (DSR 1959 KM)  JAM   1976   EX-/VG.VG+   price :  10 euros

Produced by Dr Alimantado, vocal recut of this classic tune, noisy B side...

Tony Falcon   Dread To Rahtid / Version  

Accuvic (DSR 1959 KM)  JAM   1978   VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Peter Baugh, rare rockers roots...

General Plough as The Originator  The Raindrops / Version  

Originator (PL 2665)  JAM   1982   EX-   price :  28 euros

Produced by P Lambert, rare early 80's self production over Plough's own label...

Little John   Robe / Version  

Roots Tradition (DSR 0356)  JAM   1980   EX- / VG+ to EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Don Mais, little john at his debut, hard Scientist mix over radics ridim..

Lloyd & Devon Red Bumb Ball / Frank Brown Some Come Some Go

Hop  (WIRL DM 3790/3579)  JAM 1968   VG+ to EX- / VG+   price :  40 euros 

Produced by Derrick Morgan,

rock steady legend, Lloyd Robinson & Devon Russell,

original HOP pressing from 1968, with the wirl matrix number, not the later issue...

Johnny Clarke   No Body's Business / Version  

Roots (VP 1261)  JAM   1977   EX-   price :  15 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, classic with great Jammy's mix ...

Johnny Clarke   King In The Arena / Version  

Jaguar (DSR 5304)  JAM   1977   EX-   price :  18 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, big hit, heavy version...

Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis   Canon / U Roy   Wake The Town  

Attack (BL 7602)  JAM   1975   VG+  price :  15 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, instru/dj back to back over Johnny Clarke ridim, mixed at Tubby's ...

Ainsley Morris   Jah Left The Water Running / Version  

Kool (AM 3312)  JAM   1980   EX-   price :  18 euros

Produced by Ainsley Morris, rare roots by rock steady legend...

Astley Dixon   Romping In My Room / Version  

Cobra (AD 1942)  JAM   1974   VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Astley Dixon, mid 70's tune, with an early black ark style,

rare issue on cobra...

Kebble Drummond & The Cables   Dangerous / Version  

Mod (FKD 8115)  JAM   1972   VG.VG+   price :  10 euros

Produced by Kebble Drummond, rare early 70's by cables...

The Ethiopians   Better Man / Version  

Ja Disc (FNW 8215)  JAM   1974   EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Neville Willoughby, mid 70's rootsy tune...

Viceroys   Chucky / Version  

Pioneer (DSR SC 9055)  JAM   1973   EX-/VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Sydney Crooks, rare original JA print on Pioneer...


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