Graal Records is presenting another album discography, of this all time foundation roots classic long player : Abyssinians Satta Masa Gana aka Forward on to Zion. Produced by Clive Hunt in 1975, this is probably one of the greatest vocal and musical album ever released in the 70's roots period. Ten incredible tracks often mentionned as "Clive Hunt Sessions".



Blank UK 1976 [BR 001]
This is a bootleg issue, which was circulating in the UK. It is the most common issue, dark red colored vinyl (place it over a light and you will see!) Very mediocre release with bad mastering.
Satta Masa Gana  Penetrate 1976 JAM [LPPN 2001]
First official release on Penetrate Label, issued by Geoffrey Chung and Clive Hunt for Sound Tracks Productions. Design By Evol Graham who was Art Director for Sound Tracks
Satta-Massa-Ganna Tropical Sound Tracks 1975 [TSL 102]  
The record was ready to be issued in England on Tropical Sound Tracks label, but this one never came out as an official release, only a few copies pressed as a test pressing. In fact Sound Tracks Limited, the Jamaican company which had approached Abyssinians to release the album, mysteriously folded by the year 1975. This company was close to Michael Manley's political party. After the collapse of Sound Tracks, the tapes of the album were taken by Clive Hunt who started printing records to try to make some money for himself. This pressing is considered as the best in sound quality.
Pre-Abbyssinians  Pre Release 1975 JAM - (P 0212)
[Matrix : CH-ABBASY-A  / CH-ABBAY-B]
This is the first issue, as a unauthorized pre release, no cover, pressed for a very few copies by Clive Hunt (CH on the matrix for Clive Hunt).
The "Forward on to Zion" Years (1975-1976)
Klik 1977 UK [KLP 9023]
The album is now called "Forward on to Zion". Issued on the UK Klik Chart Sounds 2001 label (Klik had probably a licence for Sound Tracks catalog as they issued other Sound Tracks productions). Beautiful sleeve illustration by Dave Field.
The "Satta Masa Gana" Years (1975-1976)













































Satta Azul 1977 US [AZ 2000]
Here is the latest Clive Hunt release (again double B on Abbyssinians). Distributed by Magic Fire records in the Bronx, N.Y. This issue, initially released in 1977, is still pressed today on Azul (Clive Hunt's nickname).


Clinch Records 1977 JAM [BC 001]
Finally the record was pressed on Bernard Collins Clinch label. The Abyssinians had hoped to release that album on Clinch in 1975, but with all the former pirated issues and the collapse of Sound Tracks Limited,  times were hard for the brothers... Very rare Ja issue (Bernard Collins mentionned there are only 200 copies), with monochromic lithography of the Klik cover and beautiful multicolored label. (BC on the matrix for Bernard Collins).




Satta Masa Gana  Jam Sounds 1976 USA - (6661 ST) Matrix : [JM 666]
First US issue with the former blue label just close after the Ja issue on Penetrate. The cover is a lithography of Evol Graham's cover for Penetrate .
Jam Sounds - based in the USA -  was a label managed by Ty Hutchinson, former member connected to Sound Tracks Limited in Jamaica, whom manager was Pat Cooper. It was Miami subsidiary of Sound Tracks. This issue is also a Clive Hunt release, as you can easiely recognize his releases : everytime he mentions the name of The Abyssinians, he spells their name with double B : aBByssinians. It works on the Pre-Abbyssinians issue, on the Jam Sounds issues (except the cover which is taken from the Penetrate sleeve) and on the later Azul issue.
Jam Sounds 1977 USA
Second US issue, with the later blue label, same cover, same matrix.
Jam Sounds 1978 USA
Latest US issue, with the latest picture label, same cover, same matrix.


Different 1978 UK
[GET L 100]
One of the latest issues of the serie, same cover than Klik, same sound quality.
Side Two :
-Yi Mas Gan
-Black Man Strain
-I and I
-African Race
-Satta Amasagana
Please note : this discography does not consider the later reissues, on Heartbeat, Blue Moon, Clinch, Azul and maybe more. There is probably another interesting release on the Top Ranking International label, but we have no informations about this one, if someone has more details (catalog number or pictures) feel free to send them.
Side One :
-Declaration of Rights
-Good Lord
-Forward on to Zion
-Know Jah Today
Recorded at Harry J, Joe Gibbs & Federal
Engineer : Bruce Davidson
Vocals : Bernard Collins, Donald Manning & Lynford Manning
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards, Horsemouth Wallace & Sly Dunbar
Bass : Val Douglas & Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Chinna & Mickey Chung
Keyboards : Clive Hunt, Tyrone Downie & Geoffrey Chung
Horns : Jerome Francis, Llewellyn Chang & Clive Hunt
Flute : Clive Hunt
Funde : Clive Hunt





Special thanks to Didiwah, for appreciable help and to Alex...