Jamaican 12" Disco and Company Sleeves from the 70's

Dear collectors, here is our latest discography, presenting 12" Jamaican Disco and Company Sleeves from the Seventies. This is a selective discography, as it would be presumptuous to consider that we have compiled all 12" disco sleeves from Jamaica... We tried to show the most representative and the most interesting....  It is impossible to mention jamaican art cover sleeves without a large part dedicated to Lee Perry/Black Ark 12" sleeves, but as we already compiled them, please have a look at our Black Ark Disco 45's section and also at our Pablo's Rockers Disco 45's section... hope you will enjoy this page...

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Moodisc Sleeves

Stars Sleeves

High Note Sleeves







for a same record, probably not issued in very large quantities, two different disco sleeves (front and back)....






Channel One Sleeves
Black & White Sleeves

company sleeves
company sleeves











Crystal Sleeves

Duke Reid International Sleeves


probably the most prolific label for disco sleeves along with Tony Robinsons productions (TR) and Joe Gibbs related labels




Harry J Sleeves




Germain Sleeves








GG's Hit Sleeves






company sleeves









Joe Gibbs / Errol T Sleeves














Gussie Sleeves


Observer Sleeves








Phase One Sleeves







Solomonic Sleeves






South East Music Sleeves
















Sonic Sounds Productions Sleeves





The Thing Sleeves



same record, different sleeve...not only the colour.. the left blue one has the Sonic Sounds logo on back, and the right black one has has the Randy's/VP logo on back...




company sleeves


Tony Robinson Productions Sleeves






another very prolific producer for disco sleeves, for his various labels like TR International, The Front Line, State Line, TR Groovemaster......




Many Thanks to the following persons for their precious help : To Cyrille, Alex, Olivier A., Didiwah, Lauren C., Pisces for providing beautiful and rare sleeves,
To Pascal C. our "bird" specialist and to Steven Brentford for his always interesting Studio One advices...
VP Sleeves






Vivian Jackson Sleeves


















Coxsone Dodd Prod. Sleeves


Various Productions and Labels
...the black audio visual edukit sleeve has not been presented here, as it also served as support for albums in the seventies...
...please note, there are many other Studio One sleeves printed in JA, but we do here only present the sleeves from the seventies....







Spider Man
Deb Music
Future Wind
Sun Bird



Solid State

Light of Saba
Nichola Delita
Tuff Gong
Tony Shabazz
Socialist Roots
Mr Nobody
Mighty Cloud
Lucky Star
Jack Ruby's Fox


Ossie Hibbert's
Freedom Sounds
Dynamic Sounds
Cancer Kid




















Total Sounds
Top Ranking


Thompson Sounds











Various Disco Sleeves